Watch Sale: I’m Selling My Speedmaster Reduced Automatic


I don’t like Ebay so I’m posting this here first: I’d like to sell my Speedmaster Reduced Automatic with box and papers for $1,200. It’s a little higher than I’ve seen it but it’s in excellent condition with only a little desk rash on the clasp. It comes from my private collection and I’ve worn it regularly for a few years but at this point I feel I need to move on. I release it into the wild with great sadness. If you’d like to make an offer, email me at [email protected] If I don’t hear anything I’ll stick it onto the forums and then, lastly, the cesspool of crime and villainy that is Ebay.


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  • Ben

    I’ve already got one!

    It’s a-very nice!

    Seriously, I do have this model. Great minds think alike. I’m keeping mine, though.