Mondaine Announces Helvetica Line Of Font-Inspired Watches


Mondaine, popping off the Swiss Rail tracks for a bit, has announced what they’re calling the Helvetic Series, a simple, three-handed wristwatch that features – you guessed it – Helvetica writing on the face. It’s not robotic signing bird, but damn if that isn’t a good idea.

The is the first collection of Mondaine Helvetica and comprises 15 watch style options: the steel cases are brushed, polished, or plated with PVD gold or black with three available strap variations (leather, nylon and mesh). Keeping true to its font origins, the No. 1 Collection comes in three weights: Light (26 and 38 mm), Regular (33 and 40 mm) and Bold (43 mm) and, as you can see in the renderings below, features the number 1 cleverly integrated into the casing.

As you’ll recall from the movie Helvetica, the typeface was inspired by Swiss precision and named after Switzerland’s Latin name. Created by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 it is literally the most popular typeface in existence. Now it’s on your watch.

I see a great future ahead for Mondaine with designers and artsy types. They’ve already sewn up the coolness factor with the Swiss Rail watches and this is another arrow in their frou frou quiver.




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  • Cloudy Sky Leatherworks

    Very cool!

  • The design of the Mondaine Helvetica watches is independent and shows character. I also like the idea to use the number 1 as a decorative element and think that the watches will be very popular …