The Video Rewind For June 8, 2014


Alright, it’s Sunday, and that means one of two things – time to drop some knowledge via Historical Horology, or take a gander at some moving pictures.  Though, I’m guessing you’ve figured out that we’re going to go the video route today.  If you were hoping for some learning, though, we’ve got you covered.  The first video we’ve got gives a nice overview of the gear train in a mechanical watch.  No sound on this one, so be sure to keep an eye on the captions that come up.

We’ll keep the learning going with something that could very well be a lifesaving skill for you someday – how to use your watch as a compass:

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll toss up a video from the ABTW channel, this time covering a review of a diver from OWC.  They’re an Australian brand I’ve followed for some time, and was glad to see get some attention from our sister site:

And with that, we’ll wrap things up for today.  If you’ve got a video you think we should take a look at, feel free to drop us a line.