The American-made Smith & Bradley Sans-13 Giveaway (July)


Since it’s July, and the 4th is just around the corner, we thought it would be great if we could get an American watch in the mix.  Thing of it is, there aren’t a lot of American watch manufacturers these days, especially ones who could turn something around for us at short notice.  Then, we remembered our pals over at Smith & Bradley.

We thought perhaps we could get them to through some swag in for the giveaway, but they went a step further, and offered up a brand-new Sans-13 watches (in Pelican case) for the contest .  And, given that this is a watch that’s on the wrists of active duty military and police personnel, it seemed like a fitting watch for the giveaway.


It’s pretty easy to throw your hat in the ring for the Smith & Bradley Sans-13 giveaway – just go ahead and follow those steps in the widget below, and good luck!  Then, while you’re waiting, feel free to check out my hands-on review of the Sans-13 over on ABTW.



Our special thanks to Smith & Bradley stepping in at the last minute to sponsor the giveaway!



  • KevinRaposo

    This would be nice to add to the collection. Love the simple design.

  • gchahinian

    Gotta love the Hamilton Ventura line, the odd shape is always a good conversation starter!

  • mike

    I havent seen an american made watch I like before

  • Neal Goodacre

    This is now one of my favorite America Made watches. Very cool.

  • Evan Shea

    Great looking watch

  • lsciurba

    I love the vintage Bulova Snorkel 666

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Good looking watch

  • Humanloop

    Great looking watch and thanks to them for donating it for a give away! Happy 4th, all!

  • Seth

    Favorite American watch? I have always loved the Hamilton Khaki Field Officer Auto, because of its classic styling and easy readability.

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  • mikesr

    I like the American Made Smith and Bradley Sans-13. The tritum tubes and it’s 43mm size are perfect for me. Very readable dial. Great watch! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • jvet88

    I’m a fan of the Shinola Runwells. I was pleasantly surprised by the styling of the Smith & Bradley watch; it’s definitely one I’d wear.

  • Tub Tubbie

    Hamilton is my brand.

  • Mike Dalton

    Always had a thing for Hamilton’s 🙂 But I’m really digging these Smith & Bradley’s. Thanks for the giveaway guys!!

  • Andrew

    This is very nice, but have always been partial to the Hamilton Khaki line

  • grawk

    Nice looking watch.

  • Jonathan F.

    total badass. awesome watch

  • Jon R.

    Ocean 7

  • Trevor Grayson

    The Sans-13 is actually my favorite!!! If i could change one thing it would be the white rectangles from 0-20. I would like to see those all around.

  • aarti

    I love shinola watches

  • Tom Printy

    This is a great looking time piece! I wish that there was a way to light up the face late at night. Glowing hands only work for so long. This Smith and Bradley is in my top 10 favorite watches right now.

  • Mr. P Temporal

    The Accutron Astronaut was made right here in Rhode Island!

  • Fred Wiseman

    My favorite american watch has to be bulova. I have a 52 clipper that is nice and still runs well after 62 years.

  • Bill Jones

    I liked this watch since I saw it on kickstarter! I might extend the minute hand just a fraction and put in an auto movement; eta or myota. But I love the styling!

  • David Heseltine

    My favourite american watch brand has to be RGM. They are timeless and classic designs with amazing craftsmanship. Especially the model 151 series.

  • Evan Shea

    I love Weiss watches

  • fотоgraphable

    Like the Shinola watches

  • I like

  • Dave

    I have a thing for the old Hamilton pocket watches made in Pennsylvania. However, I would love to see one of these watches show up in my mailbox!

  • Carlos

    Actually the SANS-13 Tactical with a white dial would probably look pretty good.

  • Jon

    This is a cool tactical watch.

  • Eric Shen

    It’d have to be the Hamilton Field Khaki, classic design and great features.

  • mmurayam

    My favorite American made watch is the Hamilton A-11. It’s a great looking watch with a great history behind it. One of the many watches I hope to own.

  • Jason F

    Love the Shinola Watches from Detroit.

  • Peter Shire

    My favorite American-made watch is the RGM Professional Diver Model # 300 Series 1 but I wish they offered tritium gas tubes.

  • Petra Marriott

    My favourite American made watches are the women’s watches from Shinola. I love my white leather runwell. However I’d love to win this for my fiancé who is in the forces! He’d love it for work 🙂