The WWR September 2016 Giveaway – a CJR Airspeed Regulator

We have been fortunate to be able to feature a variety of different watch styles for our monthly giveaways, courtesy of the largesse of the brands that we work with. While we do feature a lot of Kickstarter watches on the site, we have not been able to give too many of them away (as they’re generally prototypes). Well, we get to add another one to that select list this month, as we have an opportunity for you to win a CJR Airspeed Regulator.


As Victor points out in his review, the CJR Airspeed Regulator is not your “standard” regulator design. Sure, it has two dials to split out the hour and minute registers, but that hour register is a less-common 24-hour one. As to the minute track, Victor noted that there could be some difficulties using this as a regulator (ie, setting other watches against it) given how the minute track is laid out. I might add, if I was using a watch for a master time to set things by, I’d probably opt for something that did not have a Miyota 9015 movement in it. By itself, it’s a perfectly good engine. To set other stuff by it, though, I might want a bit more accuracy (which is why I generally set things to my cell phone clock).


Regardless of the quibbles we have, the CJR Airspeed Regulator is a unique design, and the amount of money it has raised on it’s Kickstarter project certainly indicates it’s a popular design. If you dig it, and weren’t able to get in on the crowdfunding, this month is your fortunate one. To win your very own CJR Airspeed Regulator, you have a simple process to enter in this month’s giveaway:

  1. Comment below on what your favorite regulator-style watch is
  2. Go over to the contest page and complete your entry

Be sure to do both parts, as we are matching the email addresses from steps 1 and 2 to completely validate the entry when we are selecting a winner. Also of note, this contest is open to residents of North America (to contain shipping costs).

These giveaways are our way of saying “thank you” for being loyal readers. Good luck!




  • Ricky


  • hjs

    I’ve always liked the Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator. The CJR Airspeed Regulato is a nice addition to the genre.

  • eric

    The IWC Portuguese Regulateur is a nice one!

  • Steve Mulder

    Yup, I agree with others on the IWC Portuguese Regulateur. Beautiful.

  • John

    CJR airspeed looks real nice! All of them are nice!

  • rsaunders1

    I’ve never owned a regulator but would love to

  • Elmar Tobi

    My favorite, Not an iwc but a silver oris with cal 649

  • Jan and Wayne

    I would say the IWC Portuguese Regulateur.

  • Pacheaco

    I have to go with the IWC Portuguese, but this CJR Airspeed has a great look all of its own.

  • Alex van Rensburg

    Baume et Mercier Regulateur

  • Kvks Kumar

    Meistersinger Singulator Regulator

  • Neal Goodacre

    Like the Oris Regulator

  • Garrett Hu

    Glashutte Original Senator Chronometer. Then the IWC for sure…

  • Gary Alford

    Tissot Le Locle Automatic Regulateur is on my list.

    • vmarks

      A review of this one is coming up.

  • Harv-O

    Always love an Oris. Their Regulateur gets the nod.

  • Stoo Lombard-Cook

    My fav regulator-style watch is a Perpetual – Regulator R-05.

  • gchahinian

    Easy! Vacheron Constantin Malte Dual Time Regulator!

  • Bell & Ross WWII Bomber Regulator, while it’s a bit out of my top three it’s the first one I’d probably buy at the right price.

  • DanW94

    Louis Erard Excellence Regulator with the hand wound ETA 7001

  • Astronuts

    hamilton…nice an’ cheap!

  • Dave Ryan

    Sinn regulator

  • David Bechtel

    Oris Regulator is nice 👌🏻

  • I’ll have to go with the IWC Portuguese Regulateur! How could I not?

  • Ednelson

    I’m a fan of Sinn and I like their Regulateur models.

  • tinitini

    I really love the Hamilton jazzmaster regulator

  • Martin

    Definetely Hamilton Jazzmaster Regulator, great value for the money!And nice

  • BarracudaRon

    Oris Regulator

  • DJRamsey

    IWC Portuguese Regulateur is such a beautiful watch

  • Shawn Hanna

    Oris regulateur

  • thao pham

    IWC Portuguese Regulateur

  • Romeu Figueira

    IWC Portuguese Regulateur

  • 112010

    The IWC Portuguese Regulateur is a great watch.

  • German Lopez

    I’m really digging the Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Heritage.

  • Lukáš Pitka

    I have to go with IWC Portuguese Regulateur as well

  • leon gonfishun

    I would go with the Bell & Ross WW2 Regulator. Love the Airspeed though!

  • j4m3z

    I like the Glycine F 104 Regulator Watch.

  • Jake True

    IWC Portuguese Regulateur is an awesome watch!

  • Curt Thompson

    my favorite regulator is the one I already own… the perrelet regulator retrograde.

  • himem65535


  • Kevin J

    I have a thing for watches, but I have to confess this is the first Regulator that I have given any attention to…so for now I guess this is my favorite (I’m sure it will change soon, however) … I guess I need to step up my knowledge instead of just admiring the watches!

  • Barb Ward

    This is my favorite for sure. I love the style, that is why I am trying to win it.

  • noerror

    This is the 1st time I know on a Regulator watch. The dial must be a talking point with friends.

  • Mark ward

    Great watch, different from what I usually get

  • Rufus

    The Sirius Regulator Classic Range from Chronoswiss are the most beautiful regulators I’m aware of.

  • Jason H

    my fav is this regulator watch from alpina for its colours and design:–208.aspx?f=4&me=130

  • Mau Orozco

    I love the look of the Bell & Ross WW2 Regulateur Heritage.

  • Wes J

    This is my favorite!

  • Neal Goodacre

    Like the Oris regulators.

  • Scott

    First time posting on here! This regulator is the sleekest one out there in my opinion. I’d love a chance to win it to include it in my daily watch rotation!

  • Brian Russell

    I’m claiming the Richard Lange Jumping Seconds as my favorite.

  • Arun

    This one is the first I have come across and I like it !

  • Sean O’Neal

    The recent Chopard LUC is by far my favorite regulator.

  • rsaunders1

    I have never owned a regulator, but would love to have one after this review!

  • bryan arent

    The CJR would be my favorite as that style has never caught my attention before.

  • Ron McKelvie

    Sorry but I have never owned one nor held/seen one in person.

  • Mike Lewis

    Not being that familiar with the regulator style, I’m partial to the black steel Louis Erard Excellence with the slate grey dial.

  • Daniel Campolieto

    I would go with the Oris Aquis Regulateur der meistertaucher

  • Polly Hall

    I like the simple design of the Hamilton Jazz Master Regulator Auto Men’s watch

  • Octavio Hidalgo

    I do not know about the regulator style, but all type of watches are amazing because they are an escential part in the every day way of style