Décantheure is a watch for wine lovers

Is it chardonnay-o’clock? Shiraz-thirty? Half-past-functional-alcholism? We’ve got a watch for you. Décantheure is the watch for you. This crowdfunded watch is a basic 3-hander with a few fun design twists. The coolest thing? It has decanting times for various wines, from 30 minutes to 2+ hours, allowing you to let your wine breathe before you guzzle it under the pedestrian bridge near the park.

The watch has a rotating outer bezel that sets the wine and also features a mechanical movement and exhibition back.

It’s made by Soren Jensen in Copenhagen and starts at $169 for early birds. It has a Seiko NH35 movement and a textile strap. It should ship in May 2017, just in time for Rosé season.