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I’ve been a fan of the various watch lines that Archimede has produced, covering them both here and over on aBlogtoWatch. For the various lines I’ve covered, though, I’ve not taken notice of their SportTaucher line. Recently, they introduced a new model to the lineup, the SportTaucker K (or SportTaucher Compass).

For a dive watch, this particular model has a few surprises up it sleeve. For starters, the Ickler case carries a diameter of “just” 40.5mm (and 12mm thick)- a good size, but definitely smaller than we’re used to seeing for a dive watch, which the micro brands we cover here generally going for beefy models around the 44mm mark. What this means for the SportTaucher is that many people will likely find the sizing appropriate for an every day sort of piece that’s a bit less bulky.

For it’s relatively smaller size, it does still carry an impressive WR rating – 300m. Which means it’s ready for the water, without a doubt. As with just about all dive watches, the SportTaucher K has a rotating bezel surrounding its sapphire crystal. There is one major difference from other bezels, however.

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Rather than showing minutes (for tracking elapsed or countdown time, depending on which direction the bezel turns), this one has the degrees of the compass printed out, 30 degrees for every major indice of the dial. What this means is that the watch can be used (regardless of the hemisphere you’re in) to determine direction.

This is a unique trick that separates the watch from others in the category. That said, I’m not sure sure how practically useful the function is. If you’re headed to the great outdoors (say, for a backpacking trip), you’ll likely carry an actual compass, which will be a lot quicker to get a reading with. If you’re out and about in a city, say, you can pick up directions from streets and addresses pretty quickly.

The rest of the design is clean, as we’ve come to expect from Archimede. Large sword-style hands spin around, driven by the Sellita SW 200 automatic movement. They’re rotating over either a black or white dial, with luminous paint in the hands (white, orange, or grey) that matches the paint filling the numerals and indices on the dial.

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Along with the choice in dial and lume colors, you’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to how you attach the watch to your wrist. You can opt for a shark leather, rubber, or carbon strap (for about $790 outside the EU; € 690 inside), or instead go for a steel/Milanaise mesh bracelet ($940 / € 820).

Regardless of the choices you make, I’ve been impressed by the fit and finish of the models I’ve had the pleasure of doing hands-on reviews from Archimede. While I’m personally not drawn in by the compass bezel, I think the design overall is good for someone who’s looking for a compact dive-style watch to accompany them into the office, or head off into nature with.  If you’re looking to order one, head on over here for the full product listing.

By Patrick Kansa

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