We here at WWR are big fans of the Citizen lineup. They have a lot of very solid offerings, and the Promaster lineup offers a lot of bang for the buck. I’ve had a Fugu on my wrist quite a bit this year, and this newest trio also contains a diver that looks very, very appealing. That’s right – we’ve got three new additions to the Citizen Promaster line.

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Citizen Promaster Sea Fujitsubo

Fittingly, we’ll start off with the one that caught my eye the most of the trio – the Citizen Promaster Fujitsubo. With an extensive catalog, it’s not a surprise that Citizen would go with something from their past. This model is inspired by their 1977 Challenge Diver, which went by the nickname of the Fujitsubo.

So, why would we care about this model? Well, there was a Challenge that got lost in the ocean, and years later, washed up on the beach. Though it was covered in barnacles, it was actually still running (credit that automatic movement and sealed case).

This version has a Duratect Platinum finish on the case and bracelet, giving things a soft silver glow. This is offset by the blue of the bezel and dial, and the black divers insert on the bezel. Then, of course, you’ve got those amazing wide indices, lumed hands, and lumed pip on the bezel to keep things on time in the dark.

Citizen Promaster Air Skyhawk A-T

The Skyhawk name is another prominent one in the Citizen line. For this particular version, they went to the land of the midnight sun. When you think of the sun never setting, finishing a watch in grey and bronze makes a sort of sense.

If you’re looking for a watch that can do just about everything you want (and then some), it would be hard to argue against the Skyhawk. This version is powered by the Cal. U680 movement, which is an Eco-Drive movement. Along with being powered by light, the watch gets atomic timekeeping signals, and can handle both world time and chronograph timekeeping. For a less-digital bit of fun, you can use the bezel as a sliderule.

  • Citizen Promaster
  • Citizen Promaster

Citizen Promaster Land

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the Citizen Promaster Land model. As you can see from that photo above, this one is all about hiding in plain sight, with camo patterns on the bezel and the dial. What’s not hiding is all of the functionality that it has, with the pushers, crowns, and MIP LCD display on that dial.

Like the Skyhawk, this one has a rather complex movement, the Cal. U822, which was released earlier in the year. This is an EcoDrive movement that brings world time, chronongraph, alarm, and perpetual calendar functions to your wrist. It’ll also tell you how much light it’s sensing, and can even deploy an LED to light things up, should the luminous elements not be giving you enough.

Wrapping things up

Now, for the mix of good and bad news. All three of these models will come with special 35th anniversary casebacks on them. The Citizen Promaster Diver will be available this month. The plan is to release 4,500 of them worldwide, with a pricetag of $1,195.

If you’re instead looking for the Citizen Promaster Air, 5,600 of those will be released later this summer at $995. And finally, the Citizen Promaster Land is going to hit at the end of this year, with 5,900 worldwide at a price of $995. You can check out all the specs below, and of course over at citizenwatch.com

Citizen Promaster Tech Specs

  • CITIZEN PROMASTER / Mechanical Diver 200? PROMASTER 35th Anniversary limited edition model
    • Model: NB6026-56L
    • Launch: June 2024 (Scheduled)
    • Price: (Projected) USD 1,195
    • Limited quantity: 4,500 (Worldwide)
    • Case/Band: Super Titanium™ ?Duratect Platinum?+partial light blue-colored plating / Super Titanium™ ?Duratect Platinum?
    • Glass: Sapphire glass
    • Case diameter /thickness: 41.0mm /12.3mm?design specification only ?
    • Specifications: Cal.9051 / Automatic & Manual winding / Accuracy of average -10?+20sec/day / Running time of approx. 42 hours (when fully wound) / Frequency : 28,800 vph / 24 jewels /200m water resistance /Luminous (Hands+Index)/ Screw lock crown /One-Way Rotating Bezel/Engraving on case back
  • Brand CITIZEN PROMASTER /Eco-Drive Atomic Timekeeping?2 35th Anniversary limited edition model
    • Model: JY8146-54E
    • Launch: Summer 2024 (scheduled)
    • Price: (Projected) USD 995
    • Limited quantity: 5,600(Worldwide)
    • Case/Band: Stainless steel (Grey-colored?Sakura-colored plating)
    • Glass: Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
    • Case diameter / thickness: 45.7mm /13.8mm?design specification only ?
    • Specifications: Cal.U680 / Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month (without time signal reception) / Eco-Drive running for 3.5 years on full charge (in power save mode) / Global Atomic Timekeeping / World Time functionality / Power Reserve Indicator / Perpetual Calendar / 3/ 1/100 Second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours /LED/ W.R. 20BAR / Luminous (Hands+Index) / Slide rule /Engraving on case back
  • Brand CITIZEN PROMASTER /Eco-Drive combination watch Promaster 35th Anniversary limited edition Model
    • Model: JV1008-63E
    • Launch: Autumn/Winter 2024 (Scheduled)
    • Price: (projected) USD 995
    • Limited quantity: 5,900(Worldwide)
    • Case/Band: Stainless steel (Grey-colored plating) (with interchangeable band: Cordura®)
    • Glass: Sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating
    • Case diameter /thickness 43.9mm /14.0mm?design specification only ?
    • Specifications: Cal.U822/Accuracy of ±15 seconds per month/ Eco-Drive running for 3 years on full charge (in power save mode)/World Time functionality /Chronograph/ Alarm / Light-Level Indicator/Perpetual Calendar/ Power Reserve Indicator/ LED / Luminous (Hands+Index) / W.R. 20 BAR / Engraving on case back / Recycled materials used for dial components

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