It’s Friday. Sunday is Father’s Day. I was prompted to take a moment and think about it a bit, so here, for your consideration, are my reflections:

5. Beers!

Not that I really want beer, but there’s something idyllic, something of a childhood memory in slightly yellow-hued Kodachrome colors, of my dad mowing the lawn, or grilling, or sharing a beer over the neighborhood fence. These days, I’d prefer to sip a scotch in the cool of the evening, but the point is the same – a respite and a beverage at the end of a long day.

4. A minimalist wallet

There are some basic truths: that it’s good to have cash on hand, even as we move to a cashless society. It’s bad to put a wallet in the back pocket. And, every one of my dad’s wallets were thick bi-fold things with a smorgasbord of cards stuffed in pockets internally. My goal is a thin front pocket wallet with just the essential cards. That amounts to two to four payment cards (even though ApplePay is accepted more and more places) a state ID, Global Entry card, insurance card, and some cash. Good ones I have used are the HuMN wallet, Nite-Ize Financial tool, Obstructures, SuprGood and Koyono Slimmy.

3. Pocket knife

I don’t really need a pocket knife these days. My keyring or my Nite-Ize wallet open packages and bottles just fine. I wouldn’t spring for a Spyderco or something fancy – a trusty Gerber or a reliable Buck will do just fine. The greater point here is, there’s value in having good quality tools. Tools, the kind that won’t let you down, won’t slip and bust a knuckle, that won’t round a nut trying to get it to come loose. If there’s a tool I use regularly and it’s not good, that’s an opportunity to upgrade tools. For example, a good wrench set. A good socket set. You know what I miss? I miss when OXO made hand tools. The OXO screwdrivers were some of my favorites.

2. Sous vide gear

I have used the Anova Culinary Sous Vide since its introduction. The new model is available in Target for $149, and it’s worth it. It’s perfect for dad-style cooking. A little prep work, set the temp and time via the app, and come back to a cooked meal. The finishing touch for meat is to either flash cook it in a pan, or sear it with a torch. I’ve made pickles, burgers, steaks, and vegetables in the sous vide, and there’s a purity to it – you taste the food, not the flame you cooked it on. Ease? Check. An unadulterated relationship with the food and its natural taste? Yes. Also well-reputed is the Nomiku Sous Vide, which I hope to review for you.

1. Everyone gone for, like, five hours

Personally, I don’t really need this. I love my family, and love spending time with them. What I really could use is a good five hours without errands, things needing to be repaired, yard work, and such. It’s important to have time to think, but that doesn’t require time apart. I’d rather spend it together.

Let me know your list in the comments.

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  1. I enjoy the privilege of being a dad. All I really want for father’s day is a good meal and fun outing with the family. No gifts, please, of the material kind.

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