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A 3D Printed Watch Band



Well, if John is thinking about making some 3D-printed watch cases, why not tackle a band to go along with it?

It’s an interesting locking mechanism, and is definitely custom to your wrist and watch.  My biggest concern would be with comfort. Anyways, read here for more info!


  1. I have had prototype cases “printed” via RedEye (http://www.redeyeondemand.com) which I used to check ergonomics on my upcoming Ka La watch. I have some .STL files if John would like to “borrow” them as I know they will produce a rudimentary case (but not one what you can easily mount a movement within) but one that you can snap a crystal into and to which you can insert springbars and a strap.

    Mark at MarkCarson dot com

    • that would be cool, Mark. I printed one case already and bought a movement for it but I barely have any time to mess with it right now. Would love to see your STLs

  2. That is an interesting idea. Funny, my last hobby had people wanting to 3D print stuff too (custom action figures). I wonder how prevalent 3D printing will be once it’s more affordable.

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