There”s been many a-story about the rumored Apple iWatch, and of course we”ve had all manner of strap case combos to turn your iPod nano into a wrist watch.  To my knowledge, though, no one has come up with a method of attaching a watch movement to your iPhone – until now, thanks to WATCHe.

Of course, strapping a watch to your phone (it should be noted, the movement can be mated to a strap for a more traditional wear) is an exercise in pure redundancy, since you”ll have a large screen with a perfectly serviceable clock on the flip side.  Then again, at the prices they”re asking (just under $6000), this falls more into the category of flaunting it (whether “it” is wealth or watch nerdery, I”ll leave to you).


As to the watch itself, it”s a stunning movement, which is a Swiss-made manual wind model, with a 46 hour power reserve.  When it”s mounted in the frame, you can swivel it around to see either the clock face (and it”s lumed hands) or the skeletonized movement.


Now, on to the  frame.  It can be positioned at a http://www.phpaide.com/?langue=fr couple of different angles, to either have it act as a stand (albeit, a pricey one) or to be able to display the time while you charge the phone.  While the frame itself is fairly light (2.1 oz in total), it does appear to add a decent bit of bulk to the phone itself.


In the end, it”s an interesting exercise in some regard, but in many ways it”s just unrealistic.  Though, if you did get one, I suppose it would make you stop worrying about what happens to your phone when you drop it – you”ll be far to worried wondering what the cost to service the movement will be.



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