So, I a came across a brand recently that goes by the name of Sisu Movement.  Now, perhaps it’s just because of my own experience, but I knew that Sisu is generally related Finnish Culture – and the splash page of their website certainly ties to the Finnish flag.  So, I was a bit puzzled to see that they’re a California company creating Swiss-made watches.

I’ve reached out to them, so we’ll see what the ties to Finland are, if any.  While we’re waiting on that, let’s have a look at one the watches from their collection – the Guardian A3.

Now, the Swiss-made part of the watch comes from, as with many watches, the movement.  Here, it’s the ever-present ETA2824-2 automatic.  So, that in and of itself isn’t enough to make me take notice (though it is a nice, rock-solid bit of  machinery, I’ll give you that).

No, what grabbed me here is the dial design.  Just take a look at the pictures in this post.  That massive 54mm case is allowing for one heck of a layered dial.  And, once you get past the draw of the 3d appearance, you’ll notice that there’s actually a bit of a cutout on the dial, allowing you to see the movement at work.  Not distractingly so, and it’s a nice touch.

You’ve also got an AR-coated sapphire crystal topping the 14.6mm thick case (and an exhibition caseback around back), all wrapping things into a package that’s water resistant to 100m.  Of course, the screw-down crown helps that out – but where is it?  It’s in a position I’ve not seen before – over at 10 o’clock.  Again, another bit of visual interest.  Not to mention keeping the crown from digging into your hand.

While my own tastes skew to 46mm and under, this is no doubt an impressive watch – and it carries an impressive price tag of it’s own, coming in at $3,000 $1,495.  If you dig the style, but prefer something a bit less expensive, they do have a quartz version of the Guardian available for $1,800 $695.

Oh, and if you’d like to read an in-depth review of the Guardian A2, head on over to ABlogToRead.

The Quartz variant


  1. I see you crossed out the $3000 price. That is the price their website quotes- have you received updated price info from the company? I actually like this watch because I am a bigger guy and 54mm doesn’t look ridiculous on me, but not for $3000.

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