Gotta give the photographers and designers at Outside magazine credit. For Timing is Everything, a roundup of eight luxury, waterproof watches, they decided to show the timepieces underwater. Whether the watches were literally submerged during the shoot or if this just Photoshop manipulation, it sounds like a cool idea.

The problem? Some of the watches you just cannot see at all.

Featured in the roundup is Timex’s E-Tide & Temp, Tag Heuer’s Link Automatic Chronograph, Swiss Army’s Base Camp Chrono, Breitling’s Bentley GT edition, Seiko’s Sportura Kinetic Chronograph, Skagen’s 721 XLTRB, Kobold’s SMG-1, and Oris’s Chronoris.

In particular, the Skagen 721 XLTRB gets screwed. That’s it, forlorn and overlooked in the photograph below. It’s the one at about 10 o’clock, facing forward, so you can barely see the face. The red crown is the most distinguishing aspect of how this watch is shown.

Shooting these types of fashion roundups can be difficult. And to do something creative and unusual is even more challenging. But in this instance, the water and arrangement simply makes it too hard to actually see the watches.



8 thoughts on “A for Creativity, D for Execution”
  1. I couldn’t find it online. I ended up just scanning the pages to create the images you see here. There wasn’t any additional text besides the brief mentions of each watch. I’l try to type in the info this evening.

  2. Here is the text of the article from pages 58 and 59 of the June 2006 issue of Outside.

    Title: Timing is Everything
    Subtitle: Give your wrist an update with one of these eight luxe watches.

    1. A dedicated fourth hand on TIMEX’s E-TIDE & TEMP tracks tides and indicates both water and air temperature. $130; http://www.timex.com

    2. TAG HEUER’s stainless-stell LINK AUTOMATIC CHRONOGRAPH is depth-rated to more than 600 feet. Are you? $2,795; http://www.tagheuer.com.

    3. Luminous hands make SWISS ARMY’s BASE CAMP CHRONO a smart choice for after-dark ops, and its steel bracelet with double-locking clasp is safer than lamb at a vegan convention. $350; http://www.swissarmy.com

    4. BREITLING FOR BENTLEY GET measures elapsed time to an impressively precise one-eighth of a second. $6,570; http://www.breitling.com

    5. Unlike traditional self-winders, which run down when left on the dresser for a few days, SEIKO’s SPORTURA KINETIC CHRONOGRAPH, with power-storing innards, will keep ticking for months on end. $950; http://www.seikousa.com

    6. Danish minimalism meets Swiss precision in the titanium-and-rubber 721 XLTRB chronograph from SKAGEN’s Team CSC Collection. $395; http://www.skagen.com

    7. Originally developed for the US Special Forces, KOBOLD’s titanium SMG-1 manages a rare feat: It’s simultaneously hardcore and hip with the optional tangerine band. $4,250; http://www.koboldwatch.com.

    8. With ORIS’s orange-trimeed CHRONORIS on your wrist, you’ll look like you race Maseratis on the weekend even when you’re walking the dog. $2,495 (includes leather and steel straps); http://www.oris-watch.com

  3. Yes, I agree. I just came across the article. While it had an interesting selection, (including the new Kobold) the roundup was of no value to the reader, unless they are already familiar with these watches.

  4. Ok, I’d like to see you get a handfull of watches & see if you can come up with something just as cool looking. The key word here? ” editorial” review

    – it made you go to the manufacturers websites right? You were motivated … right? You stopped on the page and inspected them… right?

    allright then – stop complaning – it’s a cool shot series and Outside mag. would be uber boring if it was all shot on white.

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