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A Matter of Time is modularizing your watch


We wanted to cover off on a new watch that just hit Kickstarter, from a new brand called A Matter of Time (AMOT).  Now, to be certain, this is not the first time we’ve seen modular concept watches hitting these pages (see Evarii and Eldon for some history and context).  However, as it is certainly a break from all of the clone watches hitting Kickstarter, we felt it was worth covering.

When AMOT reached out to us, we of course had some questions based on the marketing they sent us, especially in comparison to the watches we had seen before.  At a high level, AMOT (of course) feels their watches are the much better option.  From a hard-specifications, we see that the case is slimmer than we saw before (at 11mm), the crystals are sapphire (rather than mineral), and the movement used is different (two different mechs-quartz movements).

With the AMOT watch, you do of course have a variety of choices available, starting with the dial (three-hander or chronograph), then to the case, bezel, and strap.  In short, you can mix and match to your hearts content.  This is, I will admit, an interesting concept.  And it’s a way that you can extend or change the look of your watch without having to have a whole new watch.

In many ways, what AMOT (and other brands) have done here is just a more in-depth version of changing out the bracelet on your watch for a leather or nylon strap.  A simple strap change really adjusts the look of your watch, so a wholesale change of all the components certainly would as well.

As an aside, I frankly am rather surprised that no Android Wear smart watches have grabbed on to this concept (who knows, perhaps they have).  With the screen being able to take on any look and feel, the ability to change out the other components seems like a no-brainer.

But we’re not talking about smartwatches, are we?  No, we’re focused on these Seiko-powered (VH31, VK67) watches here.  Pricing for the AMOT modular watch starts at $187, which gives you the watch plus a spare bezel.  Additional components can of course be added to your order as well.  The dials themselves, however, those are limited to 333 of each, so if you have your eye on more than one, you may want to go to a tier that offers multiple watches.  As of the time of this writing, the project is 92% funded, with everything wrapping up on August 5, 2017.  project page

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