We here at WWR are fans of funky designs.  Sure, we will carry on and on about readability and legibility on watches (particularly those we’d envision wearing for decades), but we also have soft, soft spots for those watches that focus more on some crazy designs and ways of indicating the time – especially if they’re affordable.  In the past, in that vein, we’ve talked to you about Mr. Jones, Projects Watches, and TokyoFlash.  Well, the latest brand to jump into that arena is OTO Watches.

As you can see from that image above, OTO Watches is hitting the market with two designs.  The Aspiration keeps the time telling a bit simpler, albeit with a disc that is (I presume) rotating on the second, bringing additional slats into the mix.  Then, you’ve got the Cutting Edge, which brings a tightrope walker into the mix and makes for a slightly more complicated time-telling adventure.  But, as with most of these funky designs, in my experience, after your first day or so with the watch, you’re able to tell the time without too much thought.

Now, if OTO Watches was bringing these watches onto the market with some sort of crazy four-figure price tag, no one would take a chance on the new brand or their new designs.  Fortunately for us (and, I believe, them) they’re hitting with pricing just on either side of $100, which is just about right for anyone to take a gamble on the watches.  Along with their dial and handset designs, the OTO Watches feature a 40mm case, sapphire crystal, a 20mm nylon strap, and a 30m WR rating (no swimming for these, please). All in all, I like these, as they are very much a break from the copycat minimalist watches we’ve seen as of late, and I’m sure these will find interested owners.  If you count yourself in that number, head on over to their website and get signed up to be notified when the Kickstarter campaign launches.  andykurovets.com

Tech Specs from OTO Watches

  • Movement:  Japanese Miyota
  • Case:  Black IP coating; 40mm diameter by 10mm thick
  • Caseback:  stainless steel
  • Bracelet:  Nylon strap; 20mm width
  • Weight:  30g
  • Glass:  sapphire
  • Battery:  3 years
  • WR:  3 atm
  • Warranty:  1 year
  • MSRP:  $98 – $107

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