It’s time for our bi-weekly look at what our friends over at Everyday Carry have been publishing, and we have something a bit different – a pair of pocket dumps that came across as pretty interesting mixes.


First up, we have a stealthy carry from Anthony, who is a UI/UX designer.  Given his work that focuses around how things look and work, it’s not surprising that he has a carry as cohesive as this one, including a sharp Sinn 856S UTC.  Check the full load-out here.

edc-jordans-carryThe other carry I wanted to bring up was this one, from a graphic designer named Jordan.  There are some similar color schemes going on here (in terms of cohesiveness), but I really wanted to bring it up because it has a normal set of keys here (including a Honda).  Often when we see these sort of shots on Instagram, if car keys show up, they are something rather unattainable for most of us.  So, with this one, I wanted to celebrate the everyday normalness of this carry.  Of course, the Seiko SKX007 does not hurt, either!

With that, we’ll wrap things up.  As always, if you submit your own EDC to the site, please be sure to drop us a line so we can gather up the reader submissions to do a roundup. everydaycarry.com


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