So, the other day I got an email from the winner of one of our previous AVI-8 giveaways.  Todd and I had corresponded after he won, and he casually mentioned that he was a pilot, and would try to send a picture of the watch from the cockpit.  Well, when someone tells me that, I generally think they’re flying something on the small side.  Imagine my surprise to see the shots come in of something that definitely wasn’t a Cessna.

Asking some more questions, and it turns out that he flies an Airbus 321, which isn’t your private plane, that’s for sure (well, ok, someone somewhere probably has one as a personal jet, I suppose).  Anyways, he sent along some rather nice pictures of the watch from the controls, and they’re quite nice.

This reminds me as well – if you’d like to send in your wristshots (whether or not you’ve won a giveaway), feel free to send them here, and once I’ve got a good number, perhaps we can start doing some reader wristshot roundup posts.


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