Even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, watch brands are still releasing new watches. Some releases have been pushed back, but others are charging forward, given the long lead times that the development cycle can engender. While these aren’t the newest of the new, Projects Watches has still released some interesting new pieces that are worth having a quick peek at.

As you’re aware – or should be – Projects Watches creates a variety of watch designs, often relying on designers from outside of watches to come up with the creations. The first of these is the $145 Mr. Mori, designed by Daniel Will-Harris. Here, you’ve got the skeleton (somehow with a heart, still) front and center, with it’s arms taking the place of a standard handset. A morbid reminder that each tick of the watch brings us another step closer to looking like the fellow on the watch here, yeah?

Now, if you’d prefer something a bit lighter, whimsical, and more geometric, then the $145 Toot Sweet might be what you want for your summer. Again, Mr. Will-Harris is behind this design, which is utilizing a trio of discs with the patterns printed on them, spinning around to tell the time. As much a piece of modern art as it is a watch, I’d say.

If you like the colors, but are looking for something a bit more cause-oriented, then perhaps the $150 Pride Watch is the flag you’re looking to fly. Again we’ve got discs indicating the time, but in the rainbow hues associated with, well, rainbows and of course the pride flag. For this design, we’ve got Alex Donahue at the drawing board.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve got the $185 Vertere designed by Moshe Safdie. You of course have the colorful pips (and one bar) spinning around to indicate the time. This is all set over a trippy monochromatic pattern that looks, almost to my eye, like little bacteria doing their thing. Definitely one that will set your eyes to tripping if you stare too long, I think.

And there you have it – four of the more recent releases from Projects Watches. All of these feature steel cases, and quartz movements. We’ve linked to the specific watches above. If you like the idea but perhaps not these specific designs, then I’d suggest checking out their site, as they’ve got a lot of really clever designs, and one is sure to speak to your inner artist or architect. projectswatches.com

ByPatrick Kansa

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