A say what, now?  Blame that post title on a mental trick I’ve fallen into the habit of – whenever I see an abbreviation, I try to figure out what it may mean (I think mostly due to seeing many vanity license plates).  Today’s model is from Seiko, and is the SNZG17 (SNZG = sneezing).  Ok, now that my quirk is out of the way, let’s have a look at the watch.

What we have here, in broad terms, is another member of the Seiko 5 family.  Sure, some folks might be turned off by that moniker, but frankly, this is another solid watch, powered by the 7S36 automatic movement.

It appears that the 40mm case (and stainless bracelet) was offered in two finishes – plain stainless, and a TiCn coating, that makes it more of a dark gunmetal color (and is what is shown here).  This is paired up with a grey dial, grey lume on the hands, and (finally!) a black background on the day/date wheels.

We also have some lume on the dial, on the indices, and the numerals.  Frankly, you probably only needed one or the other, but it’s ok in my books, as you can still read the time quite well.  From what I’ve found online, it seems this is generously application of lume as well, as it can last overnight easily.

Rounding things out we’ve got mineral crystals (front and back), and 100m water resistance.  It seems that this watch isn’t so widely available now, but I found a couple of resellers offering it, ranging from $145 to $150; prices may be a bit less if you can find it in the secondary market.  Regardless of where it comes from, this is another good looking and reliable option from the folks at Seiko.

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