Today, I want to resurface a review I did near the end of last year, about one of the more prized watches in our house – that being the one-and-only watch owned by our oldest daughter.

Why today?  Well, today is her birthday, and what could be more fun than sharing some of her joy with you (oh, and getting to show her her watch out on the web.)  While the watch itself (full review is here) isn”t something that will be a heirloom passed down through the ages, it”s a great starter piece, as it”s held up to the abuses of a small child, only requiring a battery change in the year-and-a-half or so that we”ve had it.


Yes, some day we”ll download mobile game for girls probably upgrade her to a “real” watch (or, more likely, a series of better watches here and there), but this may be that pivotal “one” that sticks with her for her life – time will tell!  For those of you with children you”ve gifted watches too, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments on what you gave them, and what they think of watches today.


Like father, like daughter!
Like father, like daughter!



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