Altan at the BWF posted a great story about his dad’s Tissot. He bought it when he was in the army, years ago, and it served him well and long. This year he bought pop a nice new Tissot and is keeping the classic safe for future generations. See, it doesn’t have to be a Patek to hold value.

I gave him many watches over the years. He liked them, wore them, but he always went back to his Tissot. It was “his” watch after all, it meant a lot to him.

When he had a quadruple baypass a few years back, I was visiting him and he gave his Tissot to me. Knowing that I had a passion for watches, he knew I would appreciate it and cherish it over the years. Well, I bought him even more watches since then. Again, he liked them and wore them… but he still kept talking about his Tissot… how he bought it years back, paid for it for a year, wore it on his wedding, etc. He was happy that I had it but that has not stop him from talking about his beloved Tissot

So I figured, maybe another Tissot would do the trick… to some extent, at least. Here is one of the gifts he will receive from my wife and me for Christmas and their 56th wedding anniversary, which is on Dec. 23. Another Tissot… Tissot Le Locle Automatic…

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