As you know, every few weeks we have been bringing you some interesting content from our pals over at Every Day Carry.  In many ways, these sort of pocket dumps can serve as inspiration for gear you might like to pick up.  Or, in the case of today’s selection, perhaps what an alternate universe you might carry.

I say that because Ron Dean’s post prominently features some great gear that might I carry in another life.  I love the smell of pipe tobacco (though I do not smoke), and if I did smoke a pipe, that copper tin would be a classy way of keeping the necessary close by.

Of course, there’s also a classic knife, a solid Momentum watch, and some otherwise just plain useful stuff.  Check out the pocket dump, and then submit your own.  Once you have, drop us a line so we can build up a sort of reader roundup.  everydaycarry.com

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