That’s right – the staff here at WWR is growing!  Our newest writer is likely a name you’re familiar with, as he’s been submitting some great coverage of crowd-funded watches for some time now – Matt Himmelstein.  Want to know a little bit more about our new teammate?  Read on to check out his bio.

In order to stay out of the well established territories of the East Coast, which is owned by the illustrious John Biggs, and the Midwest, laid claim to by Patrick Kansa, I live on the left coast, specifically in Orange County, California.  My background (and day job) is in engineering, which might explain my appreciation of mechanical watches.  I love the workmanship required to coax these tiny parts into keeping accurate time.

My introduction to the site came through my fascination with crowd funded projects, and yes, I do back some of the watch projects I have highlight.  What I find most appealing in a watch is an interesting design that does not sacrifice usability.  Another key is value; I appreciate high end watches, but am not in a position to buy them.  when I am not working or checking out watches, I am generally rock climbing, biking or playing golf.

Matt will of course continue to bring us great coverage of the crowd-funded watch scene.  In addition, he’ll be taking up regular news articles as well as getting into the hands-on review game.  I for one am looking forward to the assistance, and am looking forward to what Matt brings to the table.


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