Often here on WWR, we focus in watches that really aren’t meant to be on the wrists of children.  However, I ran across a deal today that I just had to share, as it combines two great things – watches and Lego.

Over on AlphaShark, you can pick up a Lego Star Wars Darth Vader watch, or Chronograph, for $16 (use the coupon code LEGOTIME2  for an additional $2 off).  Are these high-end pieces?  Absolutely not!  However, if there’s a child* in your home that loves Lego**, and you’re looking for a way to introduce them to watches, this is an excellent (and affordable) way to do so.  For your money, you get a Japanese quartz movement, 50 m water resistance (though I’d be hesitant to test that out too far), and a plastic band that you can add as many Lego onto as you want.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll inspire the next great watch designer!


* This writer will not judge you if you simply want one for yourself!

** Who doesn’t love Lego?

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