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I hate myself for doing this, but people are silly and they’ll do anything, so here’s a link to the Tauchmeister sale page. Are these watches any good? Not specifically, but they’re cheap and they’re all on sale so you don’t have to fight a bunch of n00bs on Ebay. Purchase with the caveat that you’re buying for looks, not build quality, and be happy.

Prodcut Page [Tauchmeister]


  1. price information (always one of the most important things we’d want to know). rarely available from WWR or linked-to sites. . . thos particular site is mostly in german, as well. How to decide whether to buy? help|||

  2. I bought a Citizen AY5000-05L Aqualand Chrono for about $220 and I am very happy with it. You get a lot of quality for your 220 dollars (a note about the price though, I live in Sweden and ordered the watch from Netherlands). It has functioned flawlessly in the 46,4F waters of Norway and the depth meter is dead-on accurate. I considered a cheaper dive watch, but decided that it isn´t worth the gamble. A Citizen is a Citizen and it won´t buckle under the pressure. I wrote a little review on my webpage, feel free to drop a comment or two.

  3. Thanks host. . I dug a bit deeper and found the section on pricing info. Now, I still don’t *know* the price, but I found where I could send them an email and ask them to mail me a quote!! I expect it in about . . three weeks.


    That site is tremendously difficult to read. black on blue text. . . shudder.

  4. Still have no idea how to actually make a purchase of any of these watches. . the product page is all in German with no links to a shopping cart!

  5. Update: yeah the order-form pages for these watch-bargains are still remarkably clunky. . but communication has been established. And they do accept Paypal.

    So one of these models may be my first ‘adult’ watch purchase. I sure as hell cannot afford the model I truly want–a Mondaine Swiss Railways–so this is perhaps the next best (practical) watch I can obtain for myself.

    What I like about Tauchmeister is that whenever they have sub-dials on the watch-face itself, (God only knows what three sub-dials are really for on a watch, I’m sure I don’t fathom it) they center it on the leading axis for the minute/hour hand. That makes for crisp/clean design imho.

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