aigo_f029_a1.jpgDick Tracy can suck an egg because the Aigo Digital MP3/Video/Watch is here. This is an amazing watch with a bright OLED screen and enough memory to be dangerous.


This one is a little different… and probably the most advanced. The F029 from Aigo has a full color OLED color screen (160×128 pixel resolution), it plays MP3 and WMA audio (including DRM), and it also does MPEG-4 video (Xvid/AVI). A headphone port, playback/navi controls, and mini-USB 2.0 port are located on the sides. Two models will be available, with either 512mb or 1gb of internal memory. No word yet on its battery life, the price, or availability outside of China. News / Comments / Aigo F029 Digital Watch / MP3 / Video player


  1. I want one! I can’t wait for these to start selling outside of china – or at least for me to sort out a trip to Hong Kong.

    Roll on future…

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