As our own pages attest, dive watches are a ridiculously popular category of watches.  Sure, it is a matter of style preferences, but I think it also speaks to the fact that these watches are, by and large, very robust tools that can put up with a lot.  Our friends over at EveryDayCarry must see the same thing, because they just put together a guide for seven affordable dive watches, all under $200.


If for some reason there are folks who would not be up to speed on what makes up a dive watch, EveryDayCarry lists out the four criteria that set aside a dive watch – water resistance, the movement inside, build quality, and legibility.  Once they have the explanations down on those, they give you seven different options to consider, all under the $200 pricepoint, from $40 on up.


Even if you are familiar with the concept, roundups like these a good way to get an overview of a segment, and who knows – perhaps there’s an overlooked gem there you were not aware of and fits the bill for your next watch purchase.  You can check the full write up right here.


Oh, and while we’re talking EveryDayCarry?  If you submit your own pocket dump, be sure to let us know – once we get a good handful of readers submitted over there, we can do a roundup, and you can show your fellow WWR readers what it is you’re carrying. everydaycarry.com


By Patrick Kansa

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