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And The Skywatch Winner Is…



Skywatch IMG_8650

Definitely had a flurry of activity on this giveaway over the last few days.  Without any further ado, our winner is…

Random org Skywatch

Skywatch winning comment


Congrats to Colleen!  And for everyone else, keep your eyes peeled, I should have another giveaway coming up soon.


  1. Thank you so much Patrick! Nine happens to be my lucky number so I smiled widely when I saw the announcement, and scrolled down! I will wear this watch proudly! I’m not a small petite women, I’m 5’11 in my heels so I’ve always worn men’s watches as they are a better scale for me. Can’t wait to wear it! I love your website, I’m a fledgling compared to most of your readers and the knoweldge I’ve learned has me always thirsting for more! Sending Hugs! Colleen.

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