In yesterday’s post, I brought another American brand (Tsovet) to your attention with one of their dressier offerings.  Today, I’d like to take a look at something that I’d consider as more of an “every day” sort of a watch.

The watch in question is their SVT-FW44 model.  As with yesterday’s watch, it is quartz-driven (the Ronda 513).  That’s about the only similarity between the two pieces, though.  With this watch, you have:

  • 44mm case (12.65mm thick)
  • Screw down crown
  • Caseback is held in place by four screws
  • Mineral crystal
  • Non-magnetic PVD coated dial
  • 100m water resistance

For me, the matte finish case (almost a gunmetal color to it) alongside the brown strap and blue lume-filled hands just makes for a winner, from an aesthetic point of view.  There is one thing I’m torn on, however.

And that would be the indices.  I’ll admit, it’s intriguing to see them marking out the minutes, rather than the hours as we’re more used to.  However, without any sort of a bezel to mark a starting point of any sort, I feel like this is more of a visual gimmick than anything.

That said, I realize that I’m splitting hairs on an (admittedly) minor design feature.  And who knows – once the watch is on your wrist for a few days, something like that may just fade into the background, and just serve to grab the attention of your friends as being “different”.

In the end, I once again can’t really find a compelling reason to tell you not to get this watch (also at $350) if the style appeals to you, as it does appear to be a solid piece.


  1. I own a Muhle Glashutte M12 and it has similar indices scheme. You’re entirely correct when you say that it fades into the background. Your eye is naturally drawn to “where” on the dial the hands are pointing (just think about watches that lack indices at all) more-so than what they indicating. Attached a pic of the M12 for reference.

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