Chad the Watch Guy is reporting that he’s seeing a max out in big watches at 42mm which means even rappers and oligarchs won’t go around wearing pie plates on their wrists for much longer. I can handle a 50mm+ sports watch, but 42mm is a bit big for a mechanical, non? Your thoughts?


  1. it is a trend started by fashion houses and writers to do something different. I bet in 2yrs razor thin 80’s style watches will be back in. I think a watch looks good at around 42-44mm. I also think it is a cost issue, big watch big bracelet, more expensive to produce. I also hate the rose gold trend. It’s just fashion bs.

  2. I agree that its getting rather excessive. I almost gagged when I saw my first Bell & Ross “wrist clock”.

    At least I know what to get Shaq for his birthday.

  3. With an 8 1/4 wrist, and 6’4″ 260, a 48mm+ watch works for me. I agree that the ‘fad’ part is silly. I saw a slight man with a monster watch and it looked like an ankle weight for training!

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