Carry on, my wayward watch lover, there’ll be a wandering hours watch from Arnold & Sons when you lay your weary head to rest. The storied British company has just released the Golden Wheel, a wandering hours watch with a true beat seconds complication.

A true beat wandering what? Well the wandering hour is a clever complication that displays the hour along an arc. The hour flips from number to number thanks to a set of small wheels and then the hour “wanders” across the minutes to display the actual time.
wandering breguet

Quoth Arnold & Son:

?The Golden Wheel timepiece is a unique three-dimensional interpretation of the ancient wandering hours complication that has roots in table clocks of the mid-17th century. In fact, the first implementation of the wandering hours complication in pocket watches was most likely made in England at the beginning of the 18th century. Thus, it is a fitting complication for the Arnold & Son watchmakers – inspired by British watchmaking heritage – to reinvent anew, perpetuating the long tradition of wandering hour watches.

The company is making 125 of these pieces in red gold so expect this thing to be a little more expensive than a new Camry. It’s going to be hard to find this uniquely complicated watch down at your watch shops an, besides, if you have to ask where to buy it you probably can’t afford it.


  1. This watch looks pretty. I love the complication although the readabilty of this watch may not be good. I think I read an article about this watch on ABTW last year.

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