Boston and Stewill: British-ly Swiss

January 19, 2017 . by Victor Marks

From the heart of England comes a British watch by Boston and Stewill with a Swiss motor, and a sub-dial that takes influence from a man from Milan going back to 1909. Why have they made it? What spawned this most European creature? And why should you wear one?

MB&F introduces the Aquapod HM7 tourbillon diver, and it’s gorgeous

January 17, 2017 . by Victor Marks

Max Busser of MB&F has announced his take on what a dive watch could be, the HM7 Aquapod. It’s lovely and impractical, in the very best way. This is not a watch to strap on a wetsuit and seek out the depths, this is a watch inspired by the water, that dreams of the depths….

No time like Rebeltime – a review

January 13, 2017 . by Victor Marks

I wrote about Rebeltime when their project launched earlier this year. Now that I’ve had a chance to spend some time with the results, I want to share with you what they’ve made – and tell you why now’s the right time to gene.

The helm of Styrman & Crew

January 12, 2017 . by Victor Marks

This is a watch. There are many like it. This one is here. And on Kickstarter.

Thoughts on the replica watch discussion

January 9, 2017 . by Victor Marks

John just posted a video showing how close the quality in fake watches is coming to those of the genuine ones they replicate. I want to respond here. In fact, I’m a little angry. First, let’s get this out of the way: replicas are at once beloved and reviled. They’re beloved because they let someone…

Review: Legend are Hardcore

January 7, 2017 . by Victor Marks

The Legend Deep Blue LD 1001A is a well-made, Seiko-powered Submariner-type diver, available at more than reasonable prices. It’s hardcore.

Strap on a seatbelt NATO – Phenomenato

December 26, 2016 . by Victor Marks

Phenomenato is a project started and produced in Hungary. This is what happens when one person has an idea, and people on the internet encourage him… and good things result.