Hands-on with the NTH Antilles and Azores – Take it to the limit one more time

February 18, 2017 . by Victor Marks

The NTH Tropics were inspired by the compressor-case diving watches which proliferated from the late ’50’s to mid ’70’s – marvels of engineering which established an iconic design language. Fortunately for us, the Tropics are made by Chris ‘Doc’ Vail, a man who isn’t afraid to push a good design to the limits, and push…

Hourtime Presents: Swiss, by way of Japan!

February 17, 2017 . by Victor Marks

This week on the show we talk about watch of the month clubs, our favorite microbrands, the weird dual balance wheel madness of Xeric and a Swiss-designed watch made in China with Japanese bits. It’s a good show. Welcome to the HourTime show, the best 30 minute (+/-) hour podcast on the web. Direct MP3…

Angelus U10 Calavera – a watch to die for.

February 16, 2017 . by Victor Marks

Day of the Dead, Día De Muertos, is a holiday to remember family and friends who have died, celebrate them, and help them on their spiritual journey. There are altars, prayers, and parades, and tombstone visits. It also has created some pretty amazing iconography, involving marigolds, skulls, and people who think the icons create good…

Modding the Invicta 8926 and watch brotherhoods

February 8, 2017 . by Victor Marks

The other day, I wrote about the Invicta 8926OB, and how it was a great little watch for less than $100 bucks. You know what you can do with watch that’s inexpensive? Modify it.

Invicta, with conviction: the 8926OB

January 24, 2017 . by Victor Marks

The Invicta 8926OB is a Submariner homage, and an easy choice if you’re looking for something affordable. This one represents good value for money. Let me tell you how…

Boston and Stewill: British-ly Swiss

January 19, 2017 . by Victor Marks

From the heart of England comes a British watch by Boston and Stewill with a Swiss motor, and a sub-dial that takes influence from a man from Milan going back to 1909. Why have they made it? What spawned this most European creature? And why should you wear one?

MB&F introduces the Aquapod HM7 tourbillon diver, and it’s gorgeous

January 17, 2017 . by Victor Marks

Max Busser of MB&F has announced his take on what a dive watch could be, the HM7 Aquapod. It’s lovely and impractical, in the very best way. This is not a watch to strap on a wetsuit and seek out the depths, this is a watch inspired by the water, that dreams of the depths….