Bonjour, mes amis! Bibliothèque, croissant les halles? Oui oui! That’s what Axiom watches latest creations would say if they could talk. Axiom is a new Kickstarter brand aiming to raise $34,000 for two new pieces designed in France and based on French pilot watches.

The two models they’re selling are the Lemonburst, a huge, bulbous piece with striking yellow numerals and hands, as well as the Mad Minute, a more staid watch with 24-hour dial and power reserve. The Lemonburst, $400, runs a Miyota 8218 automatic movement and the Mad Minute, $600, runs a Miyota 9100. Both look like something a French time-traveller would wear to the center of the earth.

The watches were inspired by the founder’s J. Marmand’s great grandfather, Ernest François Burdairon “from the 152e RI, circa 1914. He was awarded La Croix de Guerre and La Légion d’Honneur for heroic actions at the Battle of Verdun.” Old Ernest fought in the great war and these watches have a design and unique styling that both hearkens back to those trying times and the a fascinating future in French horology.

The watches will ship and November but we will try to get our hands on them sooner. Until then let’s just say Au revisor, amigos!


  1. I like the roundness of the case and the bronze effect but… I don’t know, 42mm in diameter for this type of watch. Isn’t it a bit too large?
    For instance, Manchester watch Works offers the Battenkill and Mansfield vintage watches inspired from the same era that are 40mm and seem to be a better fit.

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