13Bathys sent out their Christmas letter the other day, and included a sneak peek at their newest project, the Bomb Timer. Designed as an homage to the timers used in WWII era bombers, the Bomb Timer is quite the timepiece.

Bathys has been working on this design for about 3 years, and it shows. You can definitely tell the influence of the original design, and the simplicity of the face really gives it an elegant feel, despite being utilitarian. The watch is still in development, but Bathys is expeciing it to be released sometime in 2010. It’s going to be made from stainless steel, expected to be water-resistant down to 100 meters, and uses an ETA 6497 movement. Price is estimated to be around $1800-2000. I want one.


  1. Ditto that Alan B.. i know Bathys has this cult following but never was really smitten with any of the designs. This is a nice homage to the Hamilton timers though but John should stick to divers.

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