Sorry for the short post today, but things are just a bit hectic at the moment.  That said, if you’re in the market for a watch, and like what Bathys has on tap, then you won’t mind the brevity of the post.

First off, they have a limited quantity of the Benthic Ti: Kevlar (read more here) in stock and ready to order.  But what if that’s not the watch you want? Well, then, have they got two deals for you, via some coupon codes.

First up, you can get $75 off of any watch in their collection with code MOKALA75.

Next, you can get $100 off their Lunar Midsize with code LUNAR12.  This is a very interesting watch, and we’re looking into getting a review sample in – so more on that as we know it.


Regardless of which deal you want, I’d suggest you move quickly, as some quantities appear to be limited, and shipping things from Hawaii might take a little longer than you might expect, due to the distance.  And, it goes without saying, these coupon codes won’t be valid until the end of time.

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