Bell & Ross sends another one down the pipe with the Phantom edition. This standard issue BR 01 Instrument — the automatic one with three hands — has low visibility pips and digits that light up like the sun in the dark. I’m not sure about the overall readability, but the idea is cool. Again — B&R is essentially carving out its own path in the mid- to high-range watch market and I’m very impressed. Gotta get me one.

Bell & Ross


  1. John, the yahoo account I used to email you from got hacked by some kind of keylogger–that’s the only thing I can think of, because I cannot get access to it anymore. It was my throwaway account for webforum sign-ups. That means most of my passwords and user names are sent there by default, so I can’t recall my account for the WWR forums!

    anyway, I’ll be in touch soon. Somehow! lol

    Cruel But Fair

  2. There is a new Bell and ross shop in shop opening in manchester City centre at wave jewellery I believe the will have a really good selection of all the watches . I got an invite to the opening in november i think it will be worth a look .
    i think if you email them you may get one too
    laters 🙂

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