Mmmm… tasty. A new B&R. This is an ETA base caliber, probably a 7750, with 42 hour power reserve. It costs about $3,500, which actually isn’t that bad, and looks like a monster.

TimeZone: Industry News: N E W M o d e l – Bell & Ross Chronograph Aeronavale [TimeZone]


  1. Oh, only in the world of the mad can $3500 be considered ‘not that bad’.

    I mean, this is crazy! That’s five years’ wages for the average Indian! FIVE YEARS’ WAGES!

    Look, I love watches, I really do, but it’s a 7750. It’s an over-priced brand. And it is, at the end of the day, a watch. It’s just a watch.

    I propose this: buy a watch, give the same amount to charity. It’ll cut down on the number of watches you buy (which will be a good thing!) and it’ll alleviate your guilt.

  2. I just can’t get excited about the newer B&R line. Space Original series chronos…cool. These watches…overpriced for less IMHO.

  3. Beautiful with ss bracelet. I still prefer the looks of the Speedmaster a little better (and Omegas hold their value on the secondary market a little better) and I agree that the logo @ 6 is a little cheesy, but nice unit.

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