While the Sea Snake has been one of my favorites from Benarus, the Moray line is also rather appealing.  If you liked the watch but weren’t able to get in on the original orders, there’s a new version coming down the pike you’ll want to get in on.

The most significant difference is the case itself – in the newest version, it clocks in at a hefty 47mm in diameter.  The other significant difference is the loss of the automatic helium release valve (I think; the specs aren’t complete on the new page), but you do gain a lot in the water resistance rating (500m to 2000m).

Otherwise, you still have the rock-solid ETA 2824 keeping time for, and the solid builds Benarus has been bringing us.  In this lineup, I think the green dial looks the best, and will likely look very sharp as the case gains it’s patina.

The other pre-order they have available isn’t actually a Moray, but it looks very similar to my eyes.  It’s called the TI-47, and features titanium as the case material, rather than the bronze up above.  Another great option for the styling, and definitely a beefy case.

Here, the titanium should help keep things a good bit lighter, though.  On these, I like the Anthracite dial – I just wish the date wheel was color coordinated like we’ve seen on so many other of their models.  Of course, by the time these hit production, that may just happen.

To get in on either of these pre-orders, you can hit the pages linked above, and then drop them an email to get on the list.  For the bronze, you’ll need to pay $1300 (plus shipping); for the titanium, it’s $950 plus shipping.

And, if you’re not jumping in, let us know – do you like the new larger models, or do you prefer the smaller (44mm) diameter original models?

6 thoughts on “Benarus Has Some New Morays On The Way”
  1. I recently purchased a preowned Moray 1 and love the 44mm size which I feel is large enough for anyone.

    1. I agree – 44 is a good size. Frankly, anything too much over 46mm I start getting a little concerned with, in terms of wearability.

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