Watch winders occupy a category that even the most die-hard of the WIS crew do not pay much attention to.  You start searching online, and you can find plenty of cheap options, but a closer read reveals that they’re plastic, noisy, and perhaps not all that long-lasting.  Then you come to stuff like what Benson has on tap.

If you recall, back in June (right here) we took a look at a watch winder from Benson, and came away suitably impressed with the fit and finish of the winder, and it’s generally classy, piano finish.  That was a four-slot winder destined for a dresser or side table.  What if you wanted something a bit more room dominating?

Well, then, the just released Black Series Towers are what you are looking for.  With an 8-position winder that stands at over 4 feet tall, this is not something you tuck away and hope no one notices.  No, with the LED lighting in there, you are putting these out and on display, that is for sure.

As you can see from the photos, it’s really the upper half that deals with the watch winding, while the lower half is dealing simply with additional storage (also handy for the watch collector, for straps, watches, etc).  Now, if the approximately $1,700 price of the Benson Black Series Tower is not to your liking, you might be interested in the storage boxes that were also released.

These storage boxes start at a more-reasonable $215, and will hold your watches (and whatnots) steadily secure and covered.  Personally, I think a combination of a winder and a watch box would find many homes welcoming, though I prefer to combine them into one unit (and a more compact one).

So, yes, there are options out there that are more affordable, but they’re also a lot more plasticky.  With the Benson, I actually have one on the nightstand next to the bed, and the motors – while not whisper-quiet – do not disturb my slumber at all.  So, if you’re looking for something large and in charge, or just simple to get the job done, Benson is worth checking out for some furniture-quality stuff.

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By Patrick Kansa

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