Birline Super Slim 02I see a lot of new watch projects on crowd funded sites, and most of them try to come up with a way to distinguish themselves from the pack.  With so many watch designs out there, it is tough to do.  Some do create a unique product, but many fall into the “same old thing” category.  Birline is trying to avoid that trap by focusing not only on the watch, but also on the strap.  The new Birline Super Slim uses a Harris Tweed strap in a multitude of colors to set themselves apart.

Birline Super Slim 01The watch itself is nothing I have not seen before, a simple (albeit thin) quartz three hander.  They do use a Swiss movement, a Ronda 762, in a 7 mm thick, 40 mm diameter case, a good unisex size.  But the majority of the project page is really focused around the strap, in leather backed Harris Tweed.  It is a material that can only be produced in the Outer Hebrides Islands of Scotland, much like Champagne can only be produced in specific regions of France using specific methods.  The strap is also offered without the watch, so it you have a watch with 20mm lugs and want to change up the look, this is a way to do it.

Birline Super Slim 03All told, the strap is offered in 18 different colors, and the watch is offered in either rose gold plated stainless or polished stainless.  As of this writing, the project is sitting at about 40% of the funding goal, and a couple of web sites that make predictions on if a project will make it or not think that it will be funded.  The estimated delivery is January 2015, too late for a holiday gift, but it might make it in time for Valentines Day.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Birline Super Slim
  • Price:  £29 (~$46) for a tweed strap, £75 (~$119) for a complete watch
  • Who we think it might be for: Someone who wants a colorful look on their wrist.
  • Would I buy or recommend it just on the photos?:  I like the strap (in the more muted colors).
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: The watch itself does not match the style of the strap.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch:  Tweed is a nice alternative on occasion.


  1. I paid for 4 of these birline watch bands back in 2014 and never received them. I was one of the many kickstarter pledgers that got scammed – as you can see in the kickstarter project page:

    The creator Alexander Andersson has refused to either send me what I ordered or refund my money.

    He has since stopped replying to any emails I, or the several other kickstarter pledgers who did not receive their product.

    The public should know what kind of company they are dealing with and how they deal with their customers.

    Buyer beware.

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