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Breitling announces Chronomat B01


chronomat_b01_p05Breitling announced their new chronograph today, just in time for Baselworld 2009. Called the Chronomat B01, I have to say this has got to be the nicest looking Breitling I’ve seen so far. It’s a redesign of their popular Chronomat model, and it’s got some very attractive features.

The first thing that jumps out is the bezel, it’s been redesigned and now features engraved numbers instead of just lines. The face is slightly different as well, looking a bit more refined then the basic Chronomat model. The biggest change however, is something you’ll only see if you look through the mineral crystal back, and that’s the new movement. Breitling has decided to produce the movement for the Chronomat B01 in-house, and it shows. I’ll admit I’m a fan of mechanical movements to being with, but this new Breitling is something to behold. I’m hoping that they continue with this and make more and more of their timepieces with this movement.

Available in the typical array of Breitling cases, colors, and band choices, there is no word on the price at this time. Look for this at your favorite retailer in the near future.


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