Selecting a watch. Image Credit: Breitling

Some very interesting news out of Breitling today with the launch of a new subscription service called Breitling Select. Launching today in the US (and earmarked for some time in the future in additional countries including the UK, France, and Germany ), it allows consumers to “try before they buy,” perhaps taking some of the sting out of immediately shelling out a couple thousand dollars for one.

The service, which you can sign up for now on the Breitling website, requires a 12-month contract. It costs a one-time fee of $450 plus 12 monthly payments of $129.

Says Breitling:

“It is the very first time such a subscription service is being offered by an independent watch brand, reflecting Breitling’s commitment to the digital universe and its inclusive approach. It allows customers to enjoy first and decide later which Breitling they truly desire.”

You’re committing to (eventually) spending $1998,  but by breaking this out into monthly instalments Breitling is likely expanding the universe of people who can wear their wares, which is obviously a good thing. When it comes time to actually buy the watch, Breitling says it will be offering a discount, but it hasn’t specified exactly what that looks like.

Consumers will be able to choose from a curated selection of fully refurbished watches–so, not new, but then again there’s nothing wrong with a gently used (not to mention one that’s been fully refurbished by the brand itself) watch.

More information, including details on how to sign up, can be found on Breitling’s website.

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