scaledbuscum-1.jpgSven van der Zande of Buscum Ducis is young entrepreneur in the best way. Taking risk, while putting forth a product and business built on idealism and the customer. Although he denies the idealism, his focus on the customer sends another message in a time when companies buy up old names for marketing purposes.

At 21, he’s been in business for a few years already, but chose to start his own watch company. He says, “I like designing and brainstorming in my spare time and I have always thought that there are only very few companies in the world that really concentrate on one concept, that is what I am going to do, I am going to design a watch with input from my customers to make this watch as perfect as it can be, with a lot of personal customer service. Which means that both buying the watch and the service afterwards is as personal as it gets. All for lower prices then your average watch with those specifications.”

Although not a watchmaker as such, he is a designer and “just felt like (he) had to make a watch which was affordable yet stylish with some of the high-end features that some of the big houses have.” Sven chose to start with Ronda quartz movements for a few reasons. Again, quoting him, “The movement is affordable, reliable and easily repairable should need be there.” The “easily repairable” jumped out at me as something a lot of people wouldn’t consider at first. This is a good thing though, suggesting that he’s put more thought into his watches than a fashion watch company would. He went on to say, “There will be automatic movements in the future, I haven’t decided yet, I just thought that this [the Ronda] was a nice way to start because it’s a movement of reliable quality.”
His business philosophy is “Treat your customers fairly and they will treat you fairly” and to use direct marketing to reduce costs to the customer. His website is what he aimed for, “like the watch. Easily readable, simple and rememberable.”

When asked what kind of watch he was wearing, he said, “no big-house watch actually (a TW Steel: “Which is sturdy as hell and always runs on time” and a La martina watch …, though I am saving for a Panerai, I just love the simplicity.” The TW Steel and Panerai style show up in his design, and his taste for big, simple watches. And as the eyesight fades with age, I’m developing an appreciation for this style.

I’m looking forward to seeing his work come to fruition. Although I usually go for a smaller watch, the simplicity of his design has a lot going for it. It is easy for a dial to get too busy, and Sven didn’t fall into this trap. Good luck Sven, and we’re looking forward to more of your designs!

By John Biggs

John lives in Brooklyn and has loved watches since he got his first Swatch Irony automatic in 1998. He is the editor of WristWatchReview.

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  1. I wanted to say after reading your great reviews, I have finally found a watch that mirrors who I am; The Buscum Ducis! Also, it has the man behind it to match my expectations. I am not saying this lightly. I have put my money where my mouth is and have a deposit for one of these contemporary timepieces, with an understated elegance that captivated me. I can hardly wait for them to ship, and will let you know how it works, looks and feels.

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