C70 3527 GT Chronometer 01

Not many of us are going to be able to afford a truly limited edition car, let alone one that is as steeped in racing history as a Ferrari GTO.  After all, one did sell at auction for the princely sum of $52,000,000.  But what if you could own a piece of one?  A small sliver, but a piece none the less?  That is what Christoper Ward is offering with the C70 3527 GT Chronometer, a bit of the metal from one of these cars built into the watch.

C70 3527 GT Chronometer 02

Integrated into the backplate of the watch, under glass, and cut out to highlight the number 6, is a disk of metal removed from one of these automobiles as part of the restoration process back in 2005.  CW is only making 100 of these watches available, so this is a limited edition of a watch that can only be made with a finite supply of materials in the first place.  Inside the C70 3527 GT Chronometer is a COSC certified ETA calibre 521.233, which is thermo-compensated to make it an extremely accurate quartz movement.  There is also a sideplate on the watch with the car’s model number, and the car’s manufacturing date is imprinted at 1:00 on the tachymeter ring.  This is not the first time that CW has done this, and Patrick covered the Austin Martin commemorative watch (with the #5 in the baseplate).

C70 3527 GT Chronometer 03

Christopher Ward is a brand we feature a fair bit on these pages, but they produce very nice watches at affordable price points.  The finishing on this watch looks superb, with the polished case, the metallic bezel ring, the patterned dial and pops of color.  The watch comes on a black Italian leather strap with a red lining and CW’s new deployment clasp.  While the price is certainly up there in absolute terms ($3,024 in the US where you are not paying the VAT collected in the EU), it is a good value for the exclusivity and features, as well as the look.  I can’t afford one, but it will make it onto my wish list.  christopherward.co.uk

 Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Christopher Ward C70 3527 GT Chronometer
  • Price: £2,150.00 with EC VAT, £1,791.67 ($3,024) without.
  • Who we think it might be for: A Ferrari GTO lover who can’t afford the car (at $52Mil, not many can).
  • Would I buy or recommend it just on the photos?:  Oh yeah, and I am not even a Ferrari aficionado.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: Offer a second Ferrari red strap with the watch, and an automatic movement.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch:  It is a beautiful watch.

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