The new G-Shock G-SQUAD DW-H5600 fitness watch is based on the original G-Shock design, now with heart rate monitor, and you can pre-order by April 21, 2023.

The classic G-Shock is the DW-5600. It’s been around since 1987, and is the essential G-Shock, with its distinctive rectangular with cut corners octagonal shape. Everyone recognizes this as a G-Shock. And now, there’s a new version, with Bluetooth and fitness by POLAR.

What is it

  • The classic G-Shock in a slightly larger size
  • Fitness by POLAR
  • Heart rate sensor
  • accelerometer to measure steps
  • 4 types of motion activity – running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training
  • pulse oxygen sensor
  • USB and Solar charging
  • Works with an app for time correction, world time, notifications, sleep data and more.

What does it do for you

The Casio DW-H5600 takes the best of the classic G-Shock and turns it in to a fitness watch, courtesy of a partnership with POLAR. The heart rate, pulse oxygen, and activity tracking features are well-known to POLAR users.

If you travel, the automatic time setting and world time features set by the app make it convenient to adjust. This is way better than the 1987 version, where you’d have to press buttons in combination like you’re cracking a bank vault.

The ability to solar charge means you don’t have to use the USB cable all the time, and charging by the window on a sunny day for 2 hours is all that’s needed to charge the watch.

Why you should want one

The competitors here are less the Apple Watch and Garmin, and more another POLAR watch. The great thing about this Casio DW-H5600 is, you get the classic shape, the great looks of a G-Shock, with the features that make it easy to use. It doesn’t stand out as an Apple Watch would, it just looks like any other G-Shock on the wrist.

What Casio promises

Casio claims 2 hours charging in full sun during the week. 8 hours charging under fluorescent lights. Activity logging for 100 runs, with measurement time, distance, pace, calories burned (energy source used), heart rate, maximum heart rate, cardio load, pitch, maximum pitch, stride.

It’s also possible to charge with the provided USB-A cable

They have 2 minute to 20 minute breathing exercises, biofeedback, step counting, and active time measurement.

They offer all this and more, but there’s one thing they don’t offer: integration with Apple Health or Google Fit. If you wanted it to write your heart rate, pulse oxygen, or steps back to Apple Health, this isn’t available via the Casio Watches app at this time.

How does it differ from other Casio products

The Casio G-Shock DW-H5600 continues the tradition of Casio exploring solar, Bluetooth, time setting, and notifications from the phone. This is one of the first times that they’ve partnered with POLAR (which we wrote about here) – the GBD-H2000 also benefits from the POLAR partnership. GBD-H2000 came out in March 2023, and DW-H5600 is available for pre-order starting April 21, 2023. Prices are 41,800 JPY, or approximately 331 USD.

Watch Overview

  • Brand & Model: Casio G-Shock DW-H5600
  • Price: Earlybird pricing starts at $331
  • Who we think it might be for: You like the classic G-Shock look, in a larger size with all the features you expect.
  • Would I buy one for myself based on what I’ve seen?: I like the idea of the solar power. One of the biggest issues with a smart watch is charging, and this can only help.
  • If I could make one design suggestion, it would be: I wish Casio also made the smaller size available.
  • What spoke to me the most about this watch: This is a true classic, rather than just an old watch reborn.

Tech Specs from CASIO

  • Case size: 44.5mm wide, 51.1 lug to lug
  • Height: 17.4mm
  • Case material: Biomass plastic
  • Strap: biomass plastic

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