Just announced today, the Casio EDIFICE ECB800DB-1A  is Casio’s newest addition to the Edifice line. Edifice watches tend to be smart, connected to a mobile phone app, and today’s ECB800DB-1A  is no exception. The watch also has the benefit of Casio’s tough solar power generation, water resistance to 100M, and a full dot STN display for chronograph and alarm features. 

The smart features are the first things you should know about. Using Bluetooth Low Energy to communicate to a mobile phone app, the watch has the correct time in over 300 cities worldwide. You never have to worry when wearing the ECB800DB-1A, the watch will always get the correct daylight saving time and time zone data. When you wear the Casio EDIFICE, the time is synced four times a day, or manually as often as you need it.


The Tough Solar Power that Casio prides themselves on is as good as we’ve come to expect. The watch will run for 6 months on a charge without exposure to light, under normal use. With the power saving features, it can run for 19 months while stored in the complete darkness. The power saving features are also pretty interesting: the display goes blank and the hands stop moving. When you use the digital display, the hands shift to move out of the way of the display. The watch is accurate to ±15 seconds per month when not synchronized to the mobile phone.


If you’d like an Ediface ECB800DB-1A, it will be available nationwide in jewelry stores for an MSRP of $270 USD. The watch comes on a stainless steel band, has a 3D dial, and features a daily alarm, 1/1000 second stopwatch, speed indicator, 200 lap memory, countdown timer, and more. For more information, visit www.EDIFICE.Casio.com.

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