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Halda Race Pilot Group 63 Edition is a real racing chrono

As the resident racer on the team here at WWR, it’s my privilege to be able to review watches that are said to be “inspired by motor sport.” As a matter of fact, I just recently reviewed such a piece in the Marchand Legacy. While the Marchand truly is a reflection of the owner’s love and passion for the sport, many are simply marketing exercises with little or no direct connection to racing or the automobile. The Halda Race Pilot is not one of those pieces, and today Halda has announced a special edition for Group 63, an exclusive Mercedes AMG model owners club based out of the UAE.

First Look: RGM 350 Timezone Big Date

RGM is well known in the watch collector world as being the only current US-based watch manufacturer who designs and constructs their own movements. Their first new release of 2018 is the RGM 350-TZBD, or Timezone Big Date. This offering falls into RGM’s “affordable” category by starting with a base ETA movement and then topping it with a custom module.

For The Price Of A Cup Of Coffee…


Hi, all. A year ago I set up a Patreon Page for WristWatchReview and, quite nobly, someone gave us a dollar. That is arguably a dollar the team didn’t have before but it is arguably also pretty rough. Here’s what’s up: I want to hire a few more people for the site. I want to pay Patrick and Matt more. I want to make this far better than it is today. And I don’t want to be beholden to watch brands to do it. So that’s where you come in.

Pop over here. Pledge a dollar per month. If enough of you do that we’ll be out of the red and into the black. I will be able to give this site the focus it needs and the lads will finally be able to afford to feed their watch habits. This has ALWAYS been a labor of love, from day one in 2004, and I think we can make some amazing stuff together. Please help if you can.

Watch Sale: I’m Selling My Speedmaster Reduced Automatic



I don’t like Ebay so I’m posting this here first: I’d like to sell my Speedmaster Reduced Automatic with box and papers for $1,200. It’s a little higher than I’ve seen it but it’s in excellent condition with only a little desk rash on the clasp. It comes from my private collection and I’ve worn it regularly for a few years but at this point I feel I need to move on. I release it into the wild with great sadness. If you’d like to make an offer, email me at If I don’t hear anything I’ll stick it onto the forums and then, lastly, the cesspool of crime and villainy that is Ebay.


We Take A Look At Moduco’s First Offering.

Moduco is getting set to release its very first offering into the wild, and initial impressions are positive. The Kickstarter campaign runs through the end of February, and has successfully reached its funding goal. This watch will happen, so let’s take a look.

I have a book deal…

Well, it’s official. I’ve got my first book deal.

Tech journalist John Biggs, who edits the blog and has contributed to The New York Times, has signed a contract with Susan Kamil at the Dial Press to write a book called Marie Antoinette’s Watch.

The book will tell the story of an impossibly elaborate wristwatch that one of Marie Antoinette’s lovers commissioned around the time of the French Revolution from the master watchmaker Abraham Louis Breguet. The watch—the “iPhone of its day,” according to Mr. Weissman, because of its unprecedented range of features and functions—took 44 years to make, and Marie Antoinette was long dead by the time it was complete.

What’s my goal? To pull horology out of the fashion ghetto and show it for the scientific and engineering endeavor it really is. The M-A was the Revolutionary Moon Shot, something so amazing that we can barely understand it today.

All watchmakers and watch experts please contact me at john @ wristwatchreview dot com. Let’s talk and get the story of watchmaking right for the first time in a long time.

Time Flies For The Human Time Project




We first brought your attention to the Human Time project back in October of last year, and they’re still going strong.  As a matter of fact, now that they’ve hit their one-year anniversary, they have a special model that they’re coming out with.

Happy Labor Day!



Here in the States, it’s a long holiday weekend known as Labor Day Weekend. ? Rather than try to throw some half-baked articles at you, I decided instead to give you the gift of time.? In other words, we’re taking a break for the weekend, and we’ll be back to full speed on Tuesday. In the meantime? Have a happy Labor Day.

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Introducing Moto Koure’s MK I

The Moto Koure micro brand is offering a 70s era racing watch that makes you think a Heuer Silverstone and Monaco had a baby.  At least, that’s what the Moto Koure MK I calls to mind for me.

TokyoFlash Giveaway Winner (Update?)


Well, we had selected our winner and announced it back on the 8th…