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Hands on with the Twelf-X 1908 Deep Wave

Twelf-X is a newer company that, right now, has two watch models available. They have the Twelf-X Sky 1914 Auto flyer (which I reviewed back in October). They also have the Twelf-X 1908 Deep Wave diver. Since I am a diver this was a natural one for me to review, and we were able to get a loaner in.

Got a Traser P67 Officer Pro Automatic Bronze on the wrist.

I have reviewed the Traser Aurora and Pathfinder. Both were very nice but one I have been wanting to review is the P67 Officer bronze and blue. For the longest time they couldn’t keep them in stock. Finally I was able to get a hold of one to review and I am loving it.

Hands on with the EPOS Sportive Diver

While spending some time on Instagram, a watch popped up on my feed that really caught my eye: the EPOS Sportive Diver. To be honest I really didn’t know anything about EPOS. It looked very cool, and it was Swiss-made, so I had to check it out. Fortunately, EPOS was able to send me out a loaner and here we are now.

Diving into the EVOX DV1 Diver

While browsing around for new watches something new caught my eye. At first I thought it was an Omega Proplof, which I love. Turns out it was more of an homage to the Omega Proplof, called the EVOX DV1. I had to get ahold of one so I contacted EVOX and a couple weeks later, it arrived. Lets check it out.

Hands on with the AVI-8 Hawker Harrier II Ace of Spades

AVI-8 is know for making unique aviation inspired watches. I have reviewed their AVI-8 Flyboy Chronograph and their AVI-8 Hawker Hunter Chronograph. Both were very cool, but they were quartz, and I really like automatics. AVI-8 has just come out with the new Hawker Harrier II Ace of Spades, and, would you look at that – it’s an automatic. I was able to get a hold of one for review, and so far, I am liking this.

Hands on with the new TWELF-X Sky 1914 Auto Flyer

Seven Continents, five oceans, and one eXperience is what inspired the makers of Twelf-X. The name is a play on words, combining the 7 continents and 5 oceans and life’s experiences. They currently have two lines of watches: Ocean (diving) and Sky (aviation). They were kind enough to send the Sky 1914 Auto Flyer for review.

Catch a shooting Star with the Phoibos Eagle Ray Bronze Meteorite.

To date, I have been fortunate to have been able to review the Phoibos Ocean Master, the Sentinel, and the Great Wall. All were very nice, and well-made. Now Phoibos has come out with a new, fantastic looking watch. This one is the Phoibos Eagle Ray Bronze Meteorite. They were kind enough to send me one out to review and I – unsurprisingly – liked what I saw.

Introducing the Swiss Watch Company Diver

I have always been partial to Swiss made watches. Of course there are so many non-Swiss watches that are great, but I just favor Swiss for my own reasons. So while browsing around for new Swiss brands, I found one with about the most direct name there is. This brand is the Swiss Watch Company. Right now they have one model, which is their Diver model. There are quite a few color options for this model so I chose the orange. I have spent some time with it, and so far so good.

Label Noir’s Daytona Rolex Tourbillon: I mean, come on guys


“It is difficult to measure the level of madness that sometimes prevails in the world of collectors,” write the freak shows at Label Noir. “The most affected, satiated to possess all forms of rarities or treasures among the most in demand, venture into the limitless path of personalization. They would even be ready to require the modification of a legend caliber. Thus they can associate their name with mythical models to which they bring a touch of their personality, as was the practice at the origins of watchmaking.”


Newmark 71 on Kickstarter: how do you do vintage?

The Newmark 71 continues the revival of an old British watch brand, bringing back style like we haven’t seen since the late 1970s.

It happens a lot. People get into watches, and get attracted to a vintage watch. But then, you have to worry about servicing a vintage watch, lack of parts, and just the frequently mediocre level of parts finishing and choice of materials that were used.