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Put ocean plastic on your wrist with Triwa


Earlier this year, we told you about Triwa’s foray into using one of the hot new eco-materials for watches, plastic recycled from ocean waste (you can read about that here). Well, their efforts to help clean the ocean continue with two new versions of the Triwa Ocean Plastic.

Detroit Watch Company 1701 Ponchartrain and L’Horloge, Now in Fun Size

Detroit Watch Co Ponchartrain 03I don’t get to wear my 1701 from Detroit Watch Company, my wife stole it from me.  Well, steal is a tough term.  I really like the styling of the watch, but she isn’t into watches the same way I am, and she rarely comments on what I wear, let alone take an interest in one.  That changed with this watch.

Introducing Shinola Bronze Monster

While I have been a fan of a number of Shinola watches (in fact, talked about an interesting new one just the other week), the Monster series was one of the most interesting ones. Those saw the brand break from the mold they set for themselves and create a classic – yet recognizable as a Shinola – Swiss-powered dive watch. It started with a limited editionand then a regular production model (which we reviewed here). Now, they’re back with a new version – the Shinola Bronze Monster.

The Bell & Ross BR 01 Grand Complication


I had been meaning to write about this new B&R monster but never got around to it. Not much is known about this super duper Bell and Ross aviator boat anchor/jet pilot blinder, but it apparently has a thrust indicator. Why? Who knows.

If its a Grand Complication it traditionally should have about 6 different features. We shall see.

Top Secret Design Revealed! The Bell & Ross BR 01 Grand Complication [THE WATCHISMO TIMES]

Which Sub-$500 Chrono?

Swiss Army Chrono Auitomatic FA18 24464 Mens WatchGreat thread over at WuS about sub-$500 chronos. I second the notion that the Swiss Army chronos are killer and very inexpensive. Hamilton should be down in the $500 range as well.

There are some Swiss Army 9G 600 Chronograph going on ebay now for $450, they have the valjoux 7750 movement. You don’t often see that caliber movement at that low price. There is a massive thread in the affordable forum here talking about them.

Which chrono watch under 500$ – Watchuseek Watch Forums

Magrette Regattare Update (Part 1)


As you read in my earlier posts (here and here), I was fortunate to have a Magrette Regattare 2011 enter my personal collection.  I’ve now had a good bit more wrist time with the watch, so I thought I’d give you a “long term” update on the watch.

The Alpina Startimer flies high with this heritage aviator

The Alpina Startimer Heritage is an addition to the venerable Startimer line that adds a bit of interest and history to the lineup. This piece has a slightly larger case, and most notable, an interesting rotating inner 24 hour ring, and independent GMT face-hand.

Tissot – Official Partner of Le NASCAR


Tissot has scored a coup for the mechanicals market by partnering with NASCAR. While we can shudder to think of the many ways the name Tissot could be mispronounced by NASCAR announcers, it’s great to see a less expensive brand of Swiss watch get notoriety like this. The first official piece is the PRS516 with Valjoux Day-Date movement and a sexy NASCAR styling which sells for about $1,200. Future models will hit the $250 mark, making it a good entry-point for new collectors.

Tissot, the Swiss watchmaker and timing technology company, has inked a deal with the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) to become an official partner. Tissot will become the “official timekeeper” and “official watch” of NASCAR, America’s fastest growing sport. Debuting with the 2006 season, kicking off in February, Tissot will introduce a new line of official NASCAR watches.

Product Page [Tissot]

REVIEW: Momentum Alter Ego




The last time we looked at a watch from Momentum, it was a model that packed a lot of functionality into it’s titanium case.  Today, we’re going in a different direction in their catalog, with a simpler women’s model, one of their newest – the Alter Ego.

Introducing the Hamilton Khaki Converter lineup

When you’re thinking about aviation-oriented watches that have a bezel-based slide rule on it, you’re likely thinking of one of two brands – Breitling, or the Citizen Nighthawk. Now, those present on two very different ends of the pricing spectrum. Want something a bit more down the middle? That’s where the new Hamilton Khaki Converter watches come in.