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The April 2019 WWR Giveaway: an Armitron Explorer

If you recall, it was just last month I reviewed a watch that I took to calling the Armitron Explorer. This is not, of course, what the brand calls it, but it’s what it made me think of when I had the watch in, so it’s what stuck. Now, it’s your turn to have a chance to win it, and form your own opinion!

Looking around with the Armitron Explorer

Armitron is likely a brand most folks don’t pay too much attention to, at least, those who read watch blogs. Right or wrong, it’s just not a brand that attracts attention. That said, they have such a varied catalog it would be all but impossible to find a watch that fits your tastes. One of the nicer-looking pieces I’ve had in from them is the subject of today’s review – the Armitron Explorer.

The May 2018 WWR Giveaway: a trio (plus) of Armitron Watches!

This month, we’ve got you chance to win one of three different watches (plus one more).  That’s right, folks, we’re going to have three different winners.  With the variety of things coming up with the warmer weather, we thought that one of these three should fit for your summertime activities.

Dressing things up with the Armitron Tank Watch

With this article, we’ll be wrapping up our current excursion through the Armitron catalog.  We’ve reviewed a variety of pieces – solar powered, glowy, and outdoors focused – and now we’ll dip our toes in the waters of the dress watch.  In, in actuality, we’ll be covering off on two different watches in this review that are more or less the same, aside from their strap.  With that, let’s have ourselves a look at the Armitron Tank Watch.

It’s as easy as A-B-(no C) with the Armitron Adventure

Next up in our traversals of the most recent additions to the Armitron catalog, we’re heading into the world of digital.  Specifically, those that the brand identifies as part of their Adventure lineup.  When I was going through, one that looked particularly fitting to the outdoors caught my eye.  Given the specced case size, I figured might as well go for the most boldly colored one, right?  Let’s see what the Armitron Adventure AD/1011YLW has in store.

Telling the time, round the clock, with the Armitron Visible247

It’s been some time since we’ve had a spate of Armitron watches on our pages, but now we’re getting into the latest batch from the brand.  While they may not be the first name that comes to mind, there’s no denying their watches are firmly in the affordable territory.  Price isn’t the only thing that us watch folks care about though, is it?  Let’s see how the Armitron Visible247 fared in our hands-on review.